Traveling to South Africa

Are you travelling from Africa or Overseas to Johannesburg, South Africa for business or a holiday?  Doves Nest Guest House looks forward to welcoming you.

Affordable accommodation just 3 mins from OR Tambo International Airport, Book online now with Dove’s Nest Guest House.

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South Africa is a beautiful country with wonderful scenery and a lot of new experiences. We have prepared a handy guide to help you plan your trip, learn more about what there is to see in Gauteng and make your stay with us a memorable one.

Services Available from Dove’s Nest:

  • Beverages/Refreshments
  • ADSL Internet/Wireless Internet Hotspot
  • Admin and Fax facilities
  • Business/Leisure transport/shuttle service
  • 24-Hour operation
  • Casino, cinema and shopping mall within 5km
  • Easy freeway access
  • Secure parking
  • Private garden
  • Night watch
  • Shuttle Service
  • Tours/Tour Facilitation


Shuttle Service

Dove’s Nest is located in close proximity to OR Tambo International Airport; we offer all our guests a 24 hour shuttle service. Our accommodation rates include collection from the airport.

Our shuttle service is available for conferences, travelling to shopping centres, Emperors Palace and other tourist destinations around Johannesburg.


We offer our guests the opportunity to join tour guides, available for excursions around Johannesburg; pricing is dependent on the chosen excursion and the number of people. Simply tell us your request and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Some popular tourist spots:

  • Emperor’s Palace
  • Greenstone Shopping Centre
  • East Point Shopping Centre
  • Apartheid Museum
  • Cradle of Humankind (Sterkfontein Caves)
  • Gold Reef City
  • Johannesburg
  • Lion Park
  • Pretoria City
  • Sun City


Driving in South Africa

Drivers in South Africa are required to drive on the left hand side of the road. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited while driving. You will need a valid driver’s licence from your country, and it will need to in English, if your licence is not in English you will need to obtain an International Drivers Licence. Your driver’s licence will also need an ID photo of the licence holder. We recommend also having additional photocopies of your driver’s licence.

Our major roads and highways are well maintained, particularly in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, more rural areas might have dirt roads, but these are still navigable without the need of a four wheel drive vehicle. Some of our major highways have toll roads, but these are signposted before you reach them, alternative routes around these toll booths are usually available but longer than the main route. We recommend carrying cash for these, as not all toll booths have card machines.

There are no self-serve petrol stations in South Africa, petrol attendants are helpful and will guide you to open pumps, be sure to check that this is the correct pump for the vehicle are in, and check that the attendant is putting in the correct amount of fuel, as most petrol stations put the responsibility for incorrect fuel or incorrect amounts onto you. Have your windshield cleaned and tires checked as well, this is a free service. ATMs are frequently available here for cash withdrawal as well, if the card machines do not accept your card.

While driving in South Africa is generally safe, always be cautious and alert, wherever you are, some tips we have are:

  1. Pay close attention to your surroundings.
  2. Have your windows rolled up at all times, and keep your doors locked, especially when stopping at traffic lights.
  3. Do not pick up hitch hikers.
  4. If you leave your parked vehicle, do not leave anything valuable in it, and lock your door.
  5. Park in well-lit areas.


General Health

Vaccines are not compulsory, unless you are travelling from a country affected by yellow fever. You will need to provide proof of this vaccination once you arrive. We recommend having all your vaccines however, including hepatitis A and typhoid. Ensure you pack all necessary medication you require.

While Johannesburg is safe from malaria, try to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and other insects, most grocery stores carry insect repellent lotions and insecticide sprays.

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